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Escape Room Tips

Work as a team and communicate your findings. Search everywhere, leave no stone unturned. Everything is potentially a puzzle. Make notes of everything you find no-matter how trivial.

Make sure each member of the team is doing what they do best. Some will be better at logic, others at deduction. Team-work is essential.

Make sure when your team splits up, to solve different puzzles, that you communicate what you have discovered, it may help you later in the game.

Who can play?

It's for all level and skills. Family, work-mates, friends all enjoy our games. A fondness of puzzles and problem-solving helps. Our games are designed to create escapism as you enter a fun story. The game is suitable for ages 14 and up (under 16's must be accompanied by an adult)

Above all we make sure that even if you have never completed a 'locked room game' before you have fun and challenge yourself and your team as you try to escape.


What is an Escape Game?

What is an Escape Game?


Teams are locked into a room as part of a story and need to solve clues and puzzles to escape.
Work as a team and discover the clues and secrets of the room. The clock will be ticking so you'll have to work fast. Think of it as something like 'The Crystal Maze' meets 'The Da Vinci Code' - live.

Your progress is tracked by your game host, who will offer clues and advice if needed. They monitor your progress and keep an eye on that ticking clock for you. So you're in safe hands all the way.

Our locked room escape games put you in a story and as part of the game there will be locks to find the combinations to, puzzles to solve, clues to find. The aim being to solve the mysteries and escape the room in time.