Two Player London Escape Game

Race the clock in this action packed two player game set underneath London. As you try and solve the puzzles that have been left for you, you also need to try and stop London from being destroyed.

Fun and immersive as you wear wireless headphones to hear the sounds of London from below ground.

Will you be able to solve the puzzles this mad man has set for you? Will you be able to work together to stop a runaway train?


Escape Room for 2

You'll need to rely on your puzzle solving skills, your communication and your dexterity as you work your way from station platform , to train and back to street level.

A two player game with twists and turns designed to be challenging and fun.


The game is at our Mile End Studio in London - E3. Being the only 2 Player Game in London, this adventure is extremely popular and early booking is advised.