At last an escape game just for two. But don't let that make you think it's any easier. One of London's most challenging games. Story led and logical the game is set deep under London where a mad-man intends to destroy the city unless two people he has chosen (that's you) can solve the puzzles he has set. As well as solving his puzzles you need to try discover his identity and stop his evil plan. One hour of relationship testing adventures. Couples, friends, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, who will work best together to complete this action-packed game?

This is probably the most flowing, fun game that I’ve played.

How will the two of you cope when the clock starts? Just one hour to solve intense, fun challenges in an original story that takes place below the streets of London.

You'll start on the platform of Farringdon station where our evil villain has already proved he means business.

Find a way of boarding the special test train. There you will discover more devious puzzles that have been left for you.

Can you stop the train? Can you save London?

It's a test of your observation, your deduction and of course your friendship.

As London's only 2 Player Escape Game it is very popular so make sure you book your game in plenty of time.

"2 Tickets 2 Ride Please" - Yes 2 can play at this game.

Train Cab Door.jpg
I absolutely loved the theming and the nature of this game. They should do more games like this.

The game is at our Mile End Studio in London - E3. 

During the game players wear wireless headphones to hear the sounds of the underground and secret messages. Check our diary for available dates.