Hello there - If you’ve arrived here you are one of our secret friends and we’d like to find out your opinion on a list of various stories that have the potential to become new Escape Room Games.

So have a quick read of the below and see which 4 ideas make you think ‘I wanna play that game’ and let us know.


Time to vote - story-lines for new Adventures:


  1. Flight Time

    The pilots on your flight have been taken ill and are unconscious, only you and your partner can save the day, both of you must find a way into the locked aircraft cockpit, take the controls and safely land the plane, saving the lives of the 235 passengers on-board.

  2. Death Row

    You and your friends are inmates on death row and due to be executed in 1 hour, wrongly accused of a heinous crime you did not commit. Can you escape from your cells, prove your innocence and stop this miscarriage of justice from being carried out.

  3. Cuckoo’s Nest

    You have been locked in a mental institution against your will. Can you escape in an hours before the doctors do their final experiment on your brain and also prove they act illegally?

  4. Deep Impact

    You have 1 hr to activate your rocket and blast off to Kepfler 186F in the Betelgeuse system before an asteroid on collision course destroys planet earth. Can you save yourselves and the future of mankind in time?

  5. Schools Out

    You and your friends have been given one hour’s detention because you are very naughty. As part of your detention you must complete certain tasks in order to be allowed out to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. The Box of Tricks

    Following the discovery of Alistair Wilson’s secret room of magical items, certain clues emerge as to the location of a storage locker full of yet more tricks and puzzles. According to a diary entry, Wilson was convinced a killer stalked his every movement, intent on ending his life. The mysterious disappearance of his once beloved assistant “Pepper” starts an investigation that will change his whole world.

  7. Below the Waves

    You have to rescue a party of tourists who are trapped 1000 metres below the surface of the ocean in a luxury submersible. They have only one hour before all life support systems fail and the integrity of the hull structure is compromised, crushing all the occupants to death instantly!

  8. The Bank Job

    Your team of crack international criminals have one hour to break into the world’s most secure bank vault, open the safety deposit boxes that you have targeted and make your getaway. Every hour the vault automatically undergoes ‘extreme decontamination’ killing any and all life forms that are detected in the room. If at any point an alarm is triggered the vault will go into immediate lock-down.

  9. Toddler Terror

    You agree to mind a child for an hour whilst a neighbour runs an errand, the child knows you but apparently, you don’t know all levels of the child. The kid is intent on testing you, as kids are, but this one is super devious and extremely naughty. Can you stop the child from its wild and dangerous actions and leave the house in the same state you found it?

  10. Apocalypse Chow

    In a post apocalyptic world you walk into a giant industrial freezer looking for meals to keep you alive, the door closes behind you and won’t open from the inside, you have one hour to find meals and get out or you will be frozen solid/starve.

  11. Black Hole

    A team of archaeologists are falling into a black hole and get trapped into the past.  They have one hour to escape before a big earthquake will bury them into the ground for ever, by solving clues and puzzles from different historical periods.

  12. Just Deserts

    Stranded on a desert island after a plane crash you must use all your wits to survive and signal the passing ship. The earthquake that caused your plane to crash has started a tsunami that will hit in 60 minutes.

  13. Asteroid Escape

    You are revived from Cryosleep with sirens blazing warning of an impending impact, but the ships AI seems to be oblivious to the threat. I one hour’s time your ship will smash straight into an asteroid unless you can wrestle control from the AI and repair the damage to the navigation systems.

  14. Drones of Death

    You are drone operators for MI6, your orders are clear, but are they legitimate. You must decide the fate of the target before they escape. Without leaving your post you’ll need to ascertain the guilt or innocence of your target.

  15. The Return of the Intrepid

    Back in 1925, the cargo vessel Intrepid vanished while returning  to London. Inside her hold was one of the largest diamonds in Europe: the Star of Russia. Now, nearly 100 years later, it has finally made its way home – without its crew or lifeboats. The ship is badly damaged, and sinking fast. Can you uncover what happened to her crew and find the Star of Russia?

  16. The Study of Gold

    You have broken into the private and secretive Shenenly Manor, the last home of James Price, alchemist from the 18th Century who had successfully turned lead into gold. He never revealed his secret but rumour has it that he hid the formula somewhere in the study of Shenenly Manor. Many people have searched with no success and it is now closed to the public. But they didn’t have the locket you’ve inherited which might just hold the key. You have to search the library unlock the path to his hidden laboratory and uncover the formula before the night guard finds you.

  17. The World in the Wardrobe

    There is a seemingly normal wardrobe which can be entered and searched, but once a magical puzzle is solved the back slides open and you enter a Narnia-esque world. Once there you become trapped in this weird and wonderful world, but will you solve the clues to return?

  18. We Was Robbed

    It’s 1966 and just before the world cup final the Jules Remet World Cup Trophy has been stolen. Get hints from Pickles the dog as you Search London to find the stolen trophy, can you return it to the stadium before the end of the match?

  19. Binary Dreams

    A sleep experiment goes wrong. As part of the trial you have been taught how to control your dreams, meaning within the game you can chose which route to take. But the strange, nonsensical things you find in your inner mind test you to the limit, you need to find a way of waking up.

  20. The Clarke Event

    In the garden of your new house you discover a workshop belonging to the elderly previous owner. As you explore this amateur inventors den, a massive gamma ray hits the earth turning the old mans shed into a time machine. Now stuck 100 years in the future will you be able to piece together inventions to be able to get back to the present day?

  21. The Crown

    It has been 64 years since the last coronation. The royal sceptre, crown and robe have been stored away for safe keeping. The problem is, too safe. They were hidden in secret chambers within the Tower of London but the aide who hid them has since passed away taking the secrets with them.  However they did leave clues behind for such an eventuality. As servants of the royal house you are charged with finding the royal items in time for the coronation of the new king and spare the blushes of the nation. The very reputation of the country is on the line.

  22. The Kray Jewels

    During their brief stint in the Tower of London in 1952, the Krays managed to steal the Crown Jewels and replace them with fakes. They absconded with their prize to their nightclub in Knightsbridge, where they hid the jewels deep within its rooms. Things went south for the brothers a few years later, but they didn’t want their empire to go to waste. To test the wit of any potential they set up an elaborate system of clues and puzzles that lead to the Jewels.

  23. Innocent

    Richard Mansfield has been arrested on suspicion of Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel Murders. To clear his name, he dug into the case, and came close to finding the identity of the true killer. Mansfield knew the murderer would be looking to destroy the evidence, so he used a system of clues and codes to conceal the information. Alas, he was arrested before he finished his investigation, and now his notes lie hidden around in his flat, in the hopes that his representatives can complete his work to clear his name. You, as some of his most loyal fans, want to see him set free. You’ve gone to his flat in order to find the clues and solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper. But the murderer is hot on your heels. You only have one hour to find the evidence to absolve Richard Mansfield and escape the Ripper.

  24. Kirki

    You are reading a comic book which is based on a Greek mythology story .  The super hero femme fatale witch Kirki has the magic power to turn her enemies into animals, by serving them a special wine. One man (who turned to be her biggest enemy) tricked her by pretending he was in love with her and stole her magic power by changing the secret ingredients from her original wine recipe.  As you reading the story at the end it says: If you want to help Kirki get her power back read out loud the following spell. But be careful, if you fail helping her within an hour she will have to turn you into a pig! Of course you don’t believe this so you read out loud the spell for fun. But this becomes true and you are now locked with Kirk in her secret island! Can you find where the new recipe is hidden and give Kirk her lost power back? Only then she can give you the final instructions to undo the spell. And you have to do it by yourselves, because you got into this situation with  your own  will..

  25. Bake Escape

    Famous restaurateur and chef Floyd Craddock has passed away and his famous restaurant looks like closing down, as he had always concealed his famous recipes. Hidden somewhere in his kitchen is the unique sequence to create his masterpieces. Will you decode his culinary codes in time to save the restaurant?

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