Its 1935 New York and notorious gangster Dutch Schultz has been killed, slumped over a case in The Chop Palace Bar. The police are due to arrive in one hour and in that time you need to find out who killed Dutch, find his will and locate his hidden treasure.

He may have been hated, but he wasn’t stupid he’s made sure that not just anyone is going to be able to find his stash, so you’ll need to think like a devious mobster if you’re going to succeed.

2 - 6 players

prices from £24 per player

It’s back - The Gangster Game has a new home

It’s back - The Gangster Game has a new home

This new unique game is an Escape Game and a Murder Mystery rolled into one. Sometimes you will be split up solving puzzles and clues and other times huddled together deducing who the murderer could have been.

It’s an all-out fun game set in a secret bar in New York. No walkie-talkies or computers, if you need a clue you’ll have to bribe the barman.

And.. as you are heading back to 1935 we encourage you to come suitably dressed (and we have hats to help).

London Escape Game

It was excellent! We loved the fact that it took place in a pub and we felt completely immersed in the story. The tasks were fun and there were some real “wow” moments in there. I would thoroughly recommend this game!
— -Helenanddan. TripAdvisor