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Escape rooms, locked rooms, exit games, live escapes - 'Escape Games' have many names and are becoming one of the world's fastest growing leisure events.

You are dropped into a story and given one hour to escape.
Find the clues and solve the puzzles.

Imagine the Crystal Maze got mashed with the Da Vinci Code and you are the cast - that's an escape room game. Check our our London Escape Game ‘2 Tickets 2 Ride’ award winning game described by many as ‘the best escape game in London’, thanks to the unique story and ingenious puzzles.


We are busy building a host of brand new games that will be available from August. But our award winning 2 Player game ‘2 Tickets 2 Ride’ is still open at our Mile End Studio.

London Escaping Room

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Our escape games are fun and challenging - with a whole host of puzzles to solve. Highly rated in reviews, the games land you in a story with a mystery to solve before time runs out.

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Clue Adventures combines a team with many years experience in corporate events, television productions and live team-building games. We create memorable, fun games that are challenging and exciting. 


Our Escape Games are entertaining and challenging and suit groups of friends, families and workmates.

We also offer a unique Team Building Service for companies who want to analyse and improve their teams' performance and communication skills.

Read our reviews

Read our reviews


We also offer gift vouchers for our escape rooms to use as gifts, incentives and promotions.

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