If Space is the final frontier then Jet2Space is a full frontal fictional frenzy. It’s 2099 and you and your game partner have made the mistake of buying the cheapest tickets to space on the market. Not long after takeoff, you’ll realize that WheezyJet have cut every corner on Flight BJ69. You’ll need to work together to try and gain control of this poor excuse of a spaceship if you are going to survive. It’s a battle of man versus machine aboard this fully automated dustbin. Packed with fun challenges this Escape Room Game is designed just for 2 players, but will you remain friends as you hurtle into deep space.

2 players

price £35 per player

jet2 corridor.jpg
This is probably the most flowing, fun game that I’ve played.

jet2 internal.jpg

WheezyJet Flight BJ69 is headed for disaster. A computer error means that you and your game partner will need to override the automatic controls and land this poor excuse of a spaceship. You’ll need to know your Uranus from your elbow in this fast-paced space adventure for 2.

The game is at our Leyton Studio in London - E10. 

Check our diary for available dates.


“I absolutely loved the theming and the nature of this game. They should do more games like this.”

Escape Goats