At Clue Adventures we create our escape games around stories which we write first and then create the clues and puzzles to tell the story. In turn the stories all have elements within them that are based on real life events or well-known fictional occurrences. These are the secrets and the background to the 'The Book of Secrets'. The links will allow you discover even more.

If you completed the game, you would have solved the mystery of how and why Alistair Wilson Vanished and found his Book of Secrets.

If you recall - he vanished because of his love for Donna the Queen of Belgium. He made it look like he vanished by using projection and an old magic trick called The Peppers Ghost. Whereas in reality he is alive and well and now hiding in plain sight.

And as you found his Book of Secrets - You now know the real secret of magic.

alistair wilson

The character Alistair Wilson is based on Magician Ali Bongo. Ali was the leading magic creator in the UK for over 50 years. Ali was like a real life Jonathan Creek ,the character David Renwick created for a 'how was it done' type crime drama, inspired by locked room mysteries. The name 'Alistair Wilson' is an amalgamation of Alistair (Ali Bongo) and Mark Wilson's names. Mark Wilson, is an american conjuror is famed for being the first television magician.

the secret flat

The concept of the secret second room comes from the fact that Ali Bongo really did have a second apartment to store his props when he ran out of room in the first.


Is a fictional place with its own alphabet that Ali Bongo created to use in his act and Children's Books

A whole host of magician pop up in the game

A whole host of magician pop up in the game

in the game

In the game there are references to many famous, and once famous, magicians. Ringo rabbit was the sidekick of the fantastic Wayne Dobson a british television magician in the 80's & 90's. The glass box by Tower Bridge where Alistair Wilson seems to vanished from is a reference to David Blaine and his endurance magic illusion performed of 44 days by Tower Bridge.

The Pom Pom's that appear in a couple of places in the game are a reference to a trick devised by Ali Bongo. In the backstage area of the game you find the surnames of five famous magicians. Even the idea of the Queen of Belgium comes from a back reference as you will see in this video. British television magician Geoffrey Durham often told a joke that involved the Queen of Belgium. There is a carefully placed fez in the game next to a 'bottle and a glass' - this being a reference to the last great comedy magician Tommy Cooper.

There are hints and references to British Magician Paul Daniels. American illusionist David Copperfield and even (you might have missed it) the Simpson's Character versions of Penn & Teller are hidden inside the Dolls House puzzle backstage.

The tricks backstage relate to famous magic illusions; The Dolls House Illusion, The Hand Chopper and the Buzz Saw.


The game was written and produced by Paul Andrews, who has produced, directed and consulted on many game shows, magic shows and numerous weird and wonderful projects for live events and television; including Shock Treatment for Sky One and Tricky TV for ITV. Magic elements were created by Marc Paul (Mind Reader and master magician). Puzzles were created by the master puzzle creator David J Bodycombe whose credits include The Crystal Maze and Only Connect as well as numerous books and newspapers. The role of Alistair Wilson is played superbly by one of Ali Bongo's best friends Jack Delvin