team analysis

As well as being a fun game to play - our escape games offer a unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Our unique team analysis service is designed to find out how your team operates when presented with tasks and challenges. During the game we record and then review all aspects of how your team played and interacted - the results are often very surprising.



Solving a locked room mystery relies on teamwork and communication. We have a unique way of using our fun games to provide expert team analysis. 



An escape game relies on a team working together under pressure. Watching a team gives a unique insight into how individuals work together to solve challenges.

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Our discreet cameras and microphones record all the action. Our behavioural experts then analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

A unique way to analyse your team. Escape Room Games are fun but also reveal a lot about teamwork, pressure management, lateral thinking, leadership and attitude. Our Team Building service lets you see exactly how a team copes and works together. They play our high-pressure escape game and all the while we record their actions.

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