Terms and Conditions - Game Rules

By making a booking you are agreeing to the terms of our game as set out below. Please ensure all members of the team are aware of this.

Clue Adventures - 'Locked room game', 'escape game', 'exit game' 'room adventure', 'the room' is owned and operated by Clue Adventures Limited - Registered in England.
Clue Adventures offers room or a series of rooms in which players aim to escape from. To accomplish the tasks they have 60 minutes. During the game, team spirit, intelligence, problem solving, logical thinking and technical skill of the participants is required.

Games take place in a 'live' stage set and participation is by invitation of the host onto this live set.

Players are monitored by audio and video throughout the game, which may be recorded. Players must follow the instructions of the host for the purposes of safety and playability of the game. 
The briefing begins 10 minutes before the game starts - access before this time may be restricted and late arrivals will not be admitted.
The game starts no later than 5 minutes after the agreed start. If at that time the participants are not ready, the game may not start and no refunds will be given.
Participants under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Under 14's by prior arrangement only.
Participation in the game is at your own risk.
The participant acknowledges that the door of the game room is locked for 60 minutes and it only opens with the solution of the tasks and puzzles. In justified cases, the door can be opened prematurely by the organizers.
People suffering of claustrophobia, panic attacks, asthma, heart disease, infectious diseases or other hazardous conditions should not participate in the game. If you chose to participate despite those conditions, it is at your own risk.

Any damage in the game room will be charged to the player.
It is forbidden to play under the influence of drink or drugs.
It is strictly forbidden to take pictures and video or audio recordings.

All games contain cameras and audio recording and all players consent to this - the games are observed by Clue Adventures Staff and invited guests - this video and audio content remains the copyright of Clue Adventures Ltd.

All video, photographs and screen grabs may be used by Clue Adventures Ltd in future marketing unless specified in writing by the participants / players of the game. The games are monitored and recorded and you agree that this material may be used for any purpose unless specified in writing by yourself beforehand. You photograph is usually taken as part of the game and a link to it's location on social media will be sent to you after your game. If you do not wish this photograph to be included on our pages please tell your host on arrival. The copyright of the photograph remains with Clue Adventures Limited and is stored in accordance with our privacy policy.
It is forbidden to smoke in the game rooms.
It is forbidden to bring objects into the game rooms, which could hurt others.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the game rooms.
Participants must always behave with accordance to the expected care.
A violation of the rules will result in immediate exclusion of the participant and the participation fee must be paid and will not be refunded.


The participant agrees that any complete or partial solution of the riddles, tasks and clues are considered a trade secret, and disclosure to third parties hurts the legitimate economic, financial and commercial interests of Clue Adventures Ltd.


By reserving a game using our on-line booking site - you understand that the game is solely for your team in the slot reserved (You will not be joined by others). You understand that we operate a strict no refund and cancellation policy which is conferred again before you confirm your requested time slot. Bookings are non-transferrable to purchase a game for a 3rd party - please use our gift vouchers. As games are always booked in advance we adhere to a strict no refund, no cancellation policy. However given notice we may be able to reschedule games, but this may incur an additional rebooking fee.
I confirm by booking a game, that I understand the rules and the duty of confidentiality and that no circumstance prevents my participation in the game. By confirmation we assume all players/participants have been made aware of these terms. It is the duty of the person making the booking to confer this information or link to the players.

You may opt out of future marketing from Clue Adventures that may be sent to you after participation in the game. See our privacy policy