The Book of Secrets Escape Game London

The Book of Secrets

A 60 minute escape room game full of magical secrets and intrigue. On New Years Eve 1999 top magician and magic inventor Alistair Wilson vanished from a glass box, never to be seen again. No-one knows why or even how he vanished. You and your team have one hour to solve the mystery and to find his famous Book of Secrets before his former home is demolished. 

We are quite experienced in escape games and this one was the best in London so far
— TripAdvisor

Can you get into the mind-set of this master magician? Can you work out his secrets? And before the building is destroyed can you find his much-prized book?

As soon as you enter the room the clock starts ticking. You have a lot to do and just 60 minutes in which to solve the mystery, find the book and escape. Good Luck!