Not for the faint hearted. A thriller of a game. Murder, paranormal activity, and unanswered questions make for an adrenalin filled hour.

2 - 6 players

prices from £24 per player

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This is probably the most flowing, fun game that I’ve played.

In 1916 a gruesome murder took place in a small room above a pub in Leyton, London. Urban legend tells that the room was locked from the inside and there has always been speculation as to what really happened.

WARNING: Please be advised that The Lodger contains elements of shock, tension and occult references. The game is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. If you are of a nervous disposition this game may not be suitable. If you like tension, you’ll love it.


Strange goings on were reported for many years afterwards and in 1979 a paranormal investigator agreed to spend 48 hours in the now deserted room. They were never seen again. Do you dare to find out what happened?

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“I absolutely loved the theming and the nature of this game. They should do more games like this.”