7. Team Leader


Quite often we find that the person who takes charge of a team at the outset is often superseded by another player by the end of the game.

This most often occurs if a player tries to exert their leadership before having the relevant solutions to back up their assertions.

One of the great things about Escape Room Games is that as none of the players know what they will be confronted with, its a level playing field. Therefore a team will follow the player who either provides solutions or calmly organises the information gleaned in the room.

When corporate teams play Escape Room Games you will often discover some surprises in change of hierarchy of a team when compared to how they behave in the work-place. Hence making Escape Room Games perfect for discovering team-work, communication and leadership skills.

9. The 100th Monkey Effect


We, and many other Escape Room Games have noticed that on one particular day or even week, a series of teams will exhibit a behaviour that we have never seen before. These teams are usually unconnected, do not cross each other paths and yet they each do the same thing.

For example we have had a team attempt to use a prop within the game in a very odd manner, in a way that no one had ever done before. Then an hour later, another team does exactly the same thing.

The reason for calling this weird phenomenon the ‘100th Monkey Effect’ comes from a much disputed observation of Japanese Monkeys washing potatoes. Read the full story.

Is it complex psychology or some kind of telepathy from thoughts left inside the Escape Game? We will probably never know.

10. The Escape Room Toilet


Yes it’s weird but true, there are many stories of players going to the toilet whilst playing an Escape Room Game. And, yes both number 1’s and number 2’s. We are not sure if nerves get the better of players, or whether they feel they cannot leave the room to use the toilet. We’re talking adults as well as children, granted most cases we have heard of are when a team may have visited a local hostelry before their game. All we can say is, it’s never happened at any of our games, and hopefully never will. We have a toilet for players to use beforehand and if a member of the team got ‘caught short’ whilst playing we’d advise them to ask to use the facilitates. Remember your host can see and hear everything. Mind you, we do know of an Escape Room Game where the goal is to escape a toilet itself.