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Escape rooms, locked rooms, exit games are becoming one of the world's fastest growing leisure events.

You are dropped into a story and given one hour to escape.
Find the clues and solve the puzzles.

Imagine the Crystal Maze got mashed with the Da Vinci Code and you are the cast - that's an escape room game.

London Escaping Room

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Our escape games are fun and challenging - with a whole host of puzzles to solve. Highly rated in reviews, the games land you in a story with a mystery to solve before time runs out.

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Clue Adventures combines a team with many years experience in corporate events, television productions and live team-building games. We create memorable, fun games that are challenging and exciting. 


Our Escape Games are entertaining and challenging and suit groups of friends, families and workmates.

We also offer a unique Team Building Service for companies who want to analyse and improve their teams' performance and communication skills.

The Book of Secrets is a masterclass in escape room design...


We also offer gift vouchers for our escape rooms to use as gifts, incentives and promotions.